Unesco World Heritage


Welcome to the captivating world of Vanille Volkanïk Grand Cru.

Grown on the slopes of the volcano of our French Caribbean island, Martinique.


In praise of life, our ecological tropical agro-farm is rooted in one of the 35 designated hotspots of global biodiversity, a jewel now recognized by UNESCO World Heritage.

Dive into the heart of our Caribbean heritage, where environmental preservation and the perpetuation of traditional methods blend to create a unique experience.

The panacea of the Aztec and Maya kingdoms, these Caribbean peoples attributed sacred properties to the "black flower", considering it as a gateway between the material world and spiritual mysteries.

The orchid

Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid that grows as vines in most tropical regions around the globe.

The vanilla plant

The vanilla plant needs love and time... it only begins to flower after 3 years. Its delicate flowers open up gradually each morning, for just a few hours. They must therefore be pollinated at dawn and by hand. This requires patience, precision, and expertise from the 'matchmakers': the poetic name given to the women who carry out this delicate operation.

The pod

Then, it will take 6 to 8 months for the flower, transformed into a pod, to reach full maturity and be ready for harvesting. Next comes the preparation stage...

Great vintages

The flagship of Grand Cru vanillas, this vanilla from Martinique is presented in a pouch specially designed to preserve all the aromas and freshness of the vanilla pods.

The orchid
The vanilla plant
The pod
Great vintages

Cultivated on our rich tropical volcanic lands, you will discover all the aromas of tropical fruits, spices, and cocoa that surround our vanilla plantation and infuse the flavors of each vanilla pod.

We cherish our vanilla plants like treasures, and every morning, at dawn, orchid flowers open for just a few hours to be hand-pollinated one by one.

Each pod is meticulously harvested, then sun-dried and aged in angelic wood chests to give birth to a vanilla with captivating flavor and aroma.


Martinique, France

Aromatic profile

Roasted cacao, passion fruit


6 to 12 months


Between 3 and 5 grams per pod


Freshness pouch
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